Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 goals

 I don't like resolutions - I choose instead to do year long challenges. Normally they involve reading or how many items to make for charity. Well, this year I'm doing things a little differently. Instead of reading 52 books in a year, or making 52 things for charity, I'm setting little mini goals.

My first goal is to write better blog posts. Usually I just write very short blurbs, and only sometimes do I add any pictures. I don't spend a lot of time or thought on my blog. I claim that I write my blog only for myself, but yet I complain about the lack of comments. So, a goal for 2007 is to write better blog posts.

I'm also allowing myself to stop worrying about UFOs - you know, all those unfinished objects that I haven't worked on for a year or three. I have several scrap afghans (crocheted) that i haven't touched in quite some time, and I'm going to stop worrying about the fact that they aren't done. In fact, I'm going to stop even counting them as a project. If I drag that out from under neath the bed - fine. But otherwise... I'm going to stop worrying about it! And this includes the knitted, mitered square afghan. I love making them - but I haven't touched them in a while. Stop worrying and move on!

I'm going to try to have only 3 projects going at one time - yes, it sounds weird when I just said stop worrying about UFOs, but I'm sick of spending 6 months to finish a pair of socks. Yes, I have a short attention span - but I would really like to simplify! Ever since Marguerite declared her Knitting Peace plan (working on only 2 projects at a time) I've wanted to do this. I've watched her, and she's kept it up - and seems a lot happier about it, too. I don't think I can only work on 2 projects at a time - but my plan is to try to do no more than 3 projects. Ideally, the 3 projects will be:

1. travel CIC project - whether it's socks or sweaters
2. something I've always wanted to make - I collect patterns, and I'd like to start actually KNITTING some of them
3. a KAL - I love to join KALS and then feel guilty when I don't participate. I joined the Nothin But a Tee Shirt KAL, for instance - and never even did one swatch!

I would also like to finish up my goals from the Summer of Stash: use up all my woolease yarn (log cabin afghans), use up the old chenille (I have at least a pound of it, in a black/gray colorway), and use up my lustersheen (I have enough for a top, I believe, though maybe not a whole sweater). All of this yarn was bought before I got married in 2000.

One other little goal for the year is to try to review some of the craft books I take out from the library. I regularly take out books, and love looking through them - and then I promptly forget which ones I liked, which ones I hated, etc. I'd like to start reviewing some of them - even if it's just a brief, two line review. It'd be fun to do this with yarns, too - but I doubt I'll do that.

My current 3 projects, are actually 4:
log cabin afghan (woolease summer of stash project, the 3 'ghan)
croc socks (a project I'm actually fixing. These socks I finished 4 years ago, but the foot was too small, and the heel was a nightmare, and the length of the leg way too short for my liking. They were made toe up, as I always knit. So I frogged the leg, reknit the feet longer, reworked the heel, and I'm now working on the leg of one, and on the heel of the other)
design socks for Tofuties (still not done, mostly because I've been sick and on cold meds)
my patchwork wool afghan that started life as a patchwork cardigan sweater

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