Saturday, August 26, 2006


Haven't been around - our motherboard on the computer fried. We're looking to get a new one from my brother in law.

Happy news - I'm going to be an aunt for the first (and possibly only) time. My sister in law is pregnant - they just got married June 24th so we weren't expecting it was going to happen this fast! They weren't trying, but they weren't not trying either.

In knitting/crocheting news:

Tons of stuff finished for my Summer of stash - my log cabin afghan, a couple of granny square afghans (granny squares made by grandma), 2 pairs of socks (for Socks 2 & both for me), my purple lace top for Summer of Lace, two more felted buttonhole bags (one as a thank you gift for my cousin Renee, and the other goes in the Christmas pile) and I don't remember what else. For baby, I've made a baby kimono & a pair of baby booties so far.

Monday, August 14, 2006

photos of the socks

I thought I took photos of everything I wanted, and of course, I forgot photos of the second contest prize that I won recently. Oh well, something to photograph another day!

Here's Munch, aka Zorro, "helping". He's laying on some of the woolease I have left from the log cabin afghans - a project that's for two KALs. My plan for summer of stash was to use the woolease, and I had no idea what I'd do with it until I saw the log cabin afghan. I need to photo it again, as it's almost done. I.e. I'm almost done with the few odd balls of color I have, other than white & gray. I suppose I could make one with just white & gray, but eh... By the way, the blue thing is a mohair shawl for CIC. Zorro keeps thinking it's HIS, so he keeps stealing it out of my CIC box. Think cats can't carry a heavy shawl around?? Yeah, right, if you are my 15 pound Zorro!

these are the socks that I started, from the yarn I won from Aija. I'm just about at the heel turn on one, and about an inch away from the heel turn on the other. The yarn is from Handspun on the Web. I'm planning on doing the leg of the sock with one of the mystery sock patterns on the web, for the mystery socks KAL - the lacy sock tops pattern, from knitlist.

I finally took photos of the buttonhole bag that I finished recently. I used mainly a vintage purple wool yarn, with the blue stripe using 2 yarns - a bit of leftover tapestry wool (one row, because I wasn't sure how it would felt), and some leftover Wool of the Andes blue wool. I used size 10.5 needles & two strands of the worstened weight yarn, and it took 2 trips through the washer. Because my gauge was different from the pattern, I just added more stitches, and re-figured the math for where the handles should go.


Well, I seem to be on a roll with KALs lately. So, I joined sock a month 2, which I didn't join way back in January & have regretted it ever since.

Image Hosted by

She says any socks that I have finished after the date I joined - Aug 11 - counts. Since I'm not sure of the dates I finished any of my recent CIC socks, I'm not going to count them. I have lots of socks already on the needles, and I have plenty of time to finish up 12 pairs still for this month :).

julieree: not the box of my dreams, but it's got a spiffy grosgrain collar

Isn't this fabulous?

Friday, August 11, 2006

new look

Like the new look??

What do you think?

I also updated the KAL section, I think that's all of them now, but I do need to finish working on the WIPs/UFOs/FOs section. I started. I just can't remember any of them right now. Oh, yeah, mitered squares... I guess I'll go add that now.

getting back to normal

I'm slowly getting back to normal. In fact, I went to the library yesterday, though hubby had to drive. it IS my right knee, after all - and I hate to drive anyway. I managed to get down our 3 flights of stairs without too much difficulty, but used the elevator at the library. I was pretty tired before we even got there, but hey, I did go.

Today, I'm at my parents house. We have plans with them & my "brother" and "sister" (my dad likes to "adopt" guys at work, and after a certain period of time, they end up my sibling. Since my sibling's engaged, she's my sister) tonight. Since I still can't drive, and Jon had to go into work way, way too early, I'm here at my parents house way, way too early.

At least they have cable internet. We still have dial up at all.

But, things are looking up. I'm still struggling with doing my knee exercises, but I am definitely getting stronger. I'm free of crutches, at least. I'm still supposed to basically be on bed rest, but I'm basically off pain meds at this point, so my head is finally getting clear enough to really knit again.

Yesterday, I worked on my abandoned lace top - from the summer of lace, a KAL that I also abandoned, right after the start, I'm afraid. I was so excited about doing it, but the projects were just not my cup of tea. I'm lame.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

knee update, M-D knitting, Zorro

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOK, apparantly imageshack lost my first post.

I saw the doctor yesterday morning - and the good news is, no surgery or PT.

I'm basically off the pain pills so I'm starting to knit again. I've had needles in my hand constantly, but haven't done much actual knitting. I can't concentrate & really, just haven't had much desire to do much of anything.

The mitered squares I had mostly finished up before all of this happened, but I have knit a couple since then. I think I've offiically finished 9 of them, and I have a 10th one on the needles that I haven't touched since Sunday I think.

Zorro, aka Munch, has already claimed this afghan as his own. Usually he doesn't like squares - or acrylic - but he is trying hard to claim this afghan anyway. He also already claimed the woolease log cabin afghan. I keep trying to explain to him that they are both supposed to go to the nursing home, but he won't listen. I guess we'll be fighting over it for a while!

He already has my merino circular shawl - though, he's been nice enough to actual let me use it the past few days. He knows Mommy's hurting. So does he really need another kitty blanket? He already has 10 or 12... plus my hat/mitten/scarf box that we keep out all year round for him... plus his kitty bed, and his window seat with HIS kitty pillows which we aren't allowed to touch, other than rearranging for him....

The skein of sock yarn photoed on my bed, comes from a contest prize that I won before this whole nightmare started, and arrived when we were still staying in Douglas. I wasn't overjoyed to see it in the skein, though the colors were very pretty, it just didn't "sing" to me immediately. But I've been cuddling with it all week, it's very soft & it was just SUCH a pick me, I couldn't stand it. So I cast on for basic socks yesterday, and it's knitting up beautifully. I can't believe how gorgeous it is! I haven't taken any progess photos yet, I have both toes started but that's about it. I'm still struggling with knitting, I just don't feel like doing anything, ya know??

Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm alive

I'm alive though still in  lots of pain. I'm not supposed to be out of bed, but I'm peaking online quick to check email & to write up a post. I may or may not need a CAT scan and surgery to fix my knee. We have an appointment on Tues so it'll be a nerve wracking next few days.
I've been mainly knitting my log cabin afghan. The needles are in my hands all day, but I'm not getting much actual knitting done. Just too much pain & too many worries.
I miss reading emails & blogs!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

where's Anastacia?

I've had a fun past few days - not. We were out yard saling on Sat, stopped off at the library to drop off some books & to pick up a book. We were getting back into the car, my knee gave out & I dislocated my knee.

Talk about pain.

I though I've felt pain before - when we were in the car accident three years ago, my knee surgery in 92, my migraines, the whole gland/jaw pain I get, etc. etc. etc.

But this was HORRIBLE.

I screamed like a banshee.

The cops arrived first - while Jon called my parents. No matter how old you get, you want your mommy when you are hurting or sick. Luckily they were in the area. No so luckily, the ambulance was on their way back from Worcester (30 minutes away normally) from another run.

I kept screaming.

The cop tried to move me - or offered to move me. I was on the ground, half on the curb and half on some woman's lawn. But I couldn't move. All I could do was scream.

The emt's arrived, spent a few minutes trying to find a decent vein. In the meantime, I was getting so sunburnt from the sun shining through the windows, that one of the other guys on the scene held a blanket over us to shield us from the sun.

First dose of morphaine in - helped, but a panicky me burnt through the first does almost instantly.

More morphaine. More morphaine.

They finally moved me onto the board & into the ambulance. I'm still screaming bloody murder. I didn't know it, but they actually popped my knee back into place - they couldn't move me unless they popped me knee back in.

I was in so much pain, they RAN out of morphaine on the ambulance & had to meet up with another bus for more.

Finally, the last dose worked, & I was happy. Very, very happy.

When they wheeled me into the hospital, I announced to the world at large that at least I knew I wasn't pregnant since I just had my period.


I was drugged.

I kept singing the ABCs to the poor XRay techs.

I was a little stoned out of my mind.

The end result was I was fine, though badly hurting. They gave me crutches & a knee brace & told me to ice it & follow up with a regular doctor in a few days & gave me lots of pain killers.

So, off to Douglas & my parents house I went. We live on the 3rd floor. They have a couple of steps to get inside. So we've been living with my parents again. Not fun. But better than the alternative, I guess.

The good news is, Jon went home, got Zorro & his food & my log cabin knitting, so I have lots of log cabin knitting to show you. I finished reading my book, and have watched a horredous amount of bad tv.

And my mother took these photos of me crying on Sat, so I have photos to show you all!