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log cabin knitting, design socks, and Zorro

 Well, not much knitting on the log cabin afghan - as you can see, I've only added a row or two! Sad, sad.

I did however, manage to finally send off these socks to the editor of For the Love of Yarn, for their next issue on babies. So just a teaser photo...

These are my Nov's Sock a Month 2 socks - the only pair I finished all month, and just in the neck of time, too.

Next we have another teaser... Hopefully they will be in January's Mag Knits. I've attempted to email Kerrie several times over the past month, but due to problems with our modem, I don't think she got any of them. Now we have DSL, I've contacted her to see if she's still interested in them, even though I'm past the deadline. They've actually been finished for a while, but I needed to work on the pattern itself & I have been procrasting a lot.

Last but not least, we have a new Zorro photo, just taken this afternoon (and then the batteries in the camera went dead):

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