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alpaca shawl photo

I finished my crocheted alpaca shawl a couple of days ago, but kept forgetting to have hubby help me with some photos. So I finally remembered, and here they are!

In other news, I think I'm down to 5 projects - I believe I mentioned this briefly yesterday (or maybe I just updated the list on the side -->). I'm down so quickly not because I've finished so many things, but because of all the frogging going on.

First, there was the fall EZ sweater -- nice, but coming out 6" too big - talk about Major error in figuring gauge &/or doing the math. Then, there were the Opal socks - I started the gusset an inch too early, so started the heel an inch too early - and so, the feet are an inch too short, even with negative ease. I could have frogged back & just reworked the foot longer, but I was sick of all my WIPs/UFOs so it was easy to frog, frog, frog.
And then there were socks that rock socks - yes, my first pair of socks that rock! Well, I was just about done the heels finally, when I decided that I had better try them on. Well, not only did I start the gusset too early, AGAIN, (can we say I guesstimated the length, instead of actually using an actual ruler??), but the width are too small. I could get them on my feet, but they were really, really tight. I think I was using 48 stitches - using size 1 needles - but my gauge was 8 sts/inch (this is the mediumweight socks that rock, so I was surprised my gauge was that tight). I know I checked my gauge several times making these socks, and I was getting 6 sts/inch every time, I swear. I debated about just finishing them & sending them off to CIC, but since this is the only STR in my stash, and the only STR that I can ever imagine owning, I wanted them for ME, thank you very much. So, a frogging they went.

Three projects frogged in such a quick time, combined with finally finishing the shawl & a couple of design projects, have helped to knock down my WIP pile considerably.

I do have some other photos to share - I have 1 pair of mittens for CIC done, and one more pair finished other than the afterthought thumbs & weaving in the ends. Other than the pair I'll knit on on work breaks, in the car, etc., that'll be it I think for the Mitten Challenge. I still have other design stuff to complete in the next couple of weeks, and sockretpal socks to finish... Christmas gifts to knit & crochet... etc. But hopefully after the holidays, I'll be able to whip off a few more pairs. I'm hoping to do what Marguerite's doing... knit nothing but mittens for CIC - you get a lot done that way!

well I thought zi would leave a comment for you! came across your site by pure accident, love your shawl looks great. Your blog is quite interesting and funny want to see more pics!!

alsosomething strange your stairs with the pic of u all is uncannily (that a word?) very similar to my parents house, down to the detail of the light! but we from uk!!!

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