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progress photos

These are the Opal socks I'm working on. I received this yarn from Soxie - "payment" for my baby socks pattern that was put up via the Opal newsletter during the baby socks contest they had a while ago. These are slow going, as I am only working on them while waiting for the computer to boot up, waiting for mail to download, or when playing RTC2 with hubby.

Close up of Socks that Rock - colorway Fairgrounds - from my sockret pal.These have gotten sadly mostly ignored for favor of the design projects that I've been working on lately and CIC knitting. I've picked them up here and there, but haven't touched them too much. They are now sitting next to the computer, so I'll try to grab for these to work on in front of the computer, instead of the Opal socks! Hubby & I have a date to play RTC2 tonight (if he's not too tired) - our usual Friday night tradition if we aren't working - a glass of wine, homemade calzone (using up whatever leftovers we have around the place - we've gotten very creative sometimes!!), and playing RTC. Oh, actually, I forgot, we're planning on doing a Simpsons marathon the next two nights - we're watching some Simpsons episdoes we've tivo'd lately that we've only seen a couple of times (from last season) & tomorrow night we are having a Treehouse of Terror marathon - from tivo'd episodes & from DVD. It'll be fun!

I like the way the STR is coming out :-) I'm glad you've been able to knit with it, so I can see it :-) Also, the TV marathons sound super-fun!!!!

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