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photo time - CIC vests

Here's some of the recent CIC vests that I've made. The knitted ones are Claudia's What's In My Pocket design, minus the pockets of course. They are knitted on size 10.5 needles, using 3 strands of fingering weight yarn & one strand of tapestry yarn/scrap yarn, or 4 strands of fingering weight. They are the size 4 size. I think my favorite is the one on the right with the variagated light blue & purple middle. They aren't the prettiest, cutest vests out there, but they will be warm as they are all 100% wool. I've made several lately that have a strand of mohair in them so those should be very warm as well!

This little cutey I finished crocheting up yesterday. It's single crochet, made with scraps of tapestry yarn, and mostly greens with black picot trim. It was just winged as I went along. The back is a perfect 12" square, made in rows (not in the round) & the front has just a tad of neck shaping. The sleeves are short, as I was trying to finish up this sweater in time for my next CIC box, but it will be warmer than no sleeves at all. I don't normally make anything less than worstened weight sweaters, but since crochet is a little thicker than knitting, hopefully it will still warm some child!

For more info on CIC, please visit www.childrenincommon.org!

This afghan was an original - it's a crocheted quilt. I've wanted to do one of these forever. The individual squares are half grannies - work one half in one color, the other half in the other color - joined together as I went along, and then added the white single crochet borders & little mitered squares to fill in the spots, with a plain, single round black border. It's approximately 40" square, perfect lapghan size. It goes into the Nursing Home pile.

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