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good morning, peeps!

I ended up getting called into work yesterday so not much knitting done.
Actually, I've been spinning a lot. I don't have a fiber stash - really,
I don't - I have literally 10 grams of a bag left to spin up, and one
bag of superwash merino to spin up - I did spin up a tiny, tiny bit of
it, but it's most of a 3 ounce bag. That's my entire fiber stash.

I want fiber for Christmas, so I'm spinning to remind Jon that yes, I'm
a spinner too!

Still plugging away on design projects. I also enlarged a shawl I had
made earlier - attempted to sell, actually - & I added that to the CIC
box. I have a few more vests I could add, but I'm trying to send a
variety of items. I have a couple pairs of bulky armwarmers, but I can't
find them. Strange, as I put all the CIC/charity stuff together, so I
don't know where they wandered off.