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finally--- photos!

It's about time! I have been promising photos forever, but due to being busy & a non-existant internet connection (are you sick of listening to me complain about that? Never fear, we now have dsl!!), I haven't been able to.

First, CIC sweaters, mailed off last week along with 18 pairs of socks & 11 vests (photos earlier, if you dig) & a couple of hats & one odd toy:

They are all top down sweaters in the round. isle; the gray-black was auction yarn, the rest was mainly donated yarn from here, there, and everywhere - some was tapestry, some was regular yarn.

There's some mohair blend yarns in there, too.

Jon says this one looks like puke (thanks, hubby!):

And last, the afghan I finished (I was planning on giving this to the nursing homes, but my church is starting to take hand made items, so I may give it to them - though they are mainly looking for clothes).

It's a crocheted mitered square afghan with random stripes. I'm not crazy about the randomness of the stripes - I think if I used less colors, or less random stripes, I'd be happier.

I think your mitered square afghan is pretty cool. I like the randomness of it. And all of the sweaters look gorgeous. Where do you find the time?

Wow, those are awsome. I love the colours and I like the randomness. Did you use a pattern for the sweaters? They are really neat, you go girl! : )

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