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designs, CIC knitting

i've been trying for several days to update my blog - without any luck.
And of course, I don't remember anything I was going to write about,

Knitting - stuff for CIC mainly. I have a large box ready to be mailed
off - 9 vests, 1 sweater, 1 shawl, 18 or 19 pairs of socks, one odd toy,
and a couple of hats. Pictures to come!

I'm so excited about upcoming challenges - sweaters & vests for the
bigger kids, and a mini challenge in December of mittens!!

I'm on a design roll as well. I don't want to post too much details &
spoil anything... or my chances... but it looks like I'll be published
at Mag Knits & at For Love of Yarn in January! And it also looks like
I'll be doing two socks, one knit & one crochet, for a NEW yarn that
www.soysilk.com is coming out with shortly. I've seen sneak previews &
it's gorgeous!

Work's going well. I think I'm getting more used to things. It's a slow
process, and not my dream job, but not bad, either.

I can't believe how quickly December is coming. I've gotten some stuff
done for the gift box - but I'm a long, long way from finished. I'm
still needing to make about 30 sets of towel toppers, Jon's
grandmother's mittens & a pair of gloves, an unknown project for 2
relatives - something fancy, but I'm not sure what - and a hat band for
my dad, by request. Oh, socks for Jon, a new wool hat for Jon, and a new
kitty blanket for Zorro. I'm probably forgetting something. Oh yeah,
unknown project for my mom, unless i give her socks from the gift pile.

The gift pile... you're too, too organized with "extra" knitting lying around. I don't have anything extra (except yarn, but that's mine... all mine) lying around my house. Maybe I'm just too selfish. But I like it like that!!! Glad to see that you can post from home, and in case I didn't comment before (life has been CRAZY) I'm glad you got your first Socks that Rock!!! How are you enjoying it? I'd love to see how its knitting up.

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