Thursday, November 30, 2006

photo of the day

 One of the many, many WIPS I have going....

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This is one of 2 woolease log cabin afghans from the M-D book... I've finished one previously (a random stripey afghan that our cat stole) and this is the 2nd one. The third one currently measures about 3 or 4" LOL & I haven't yet really planned how I'll knit it up...

These afghans come from the Summer of Stash KAL... We had to plan out projects using stash yarn, and using up woolease that I got on clearance 10-12 years ago was one of mine. I keep finding more - I found a few more pounds of it over at my parents house, recently, which is why this one has more colors than my first one does.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

finally--- photos!

It's about time! I have been promising photos forever, but due to being busy & a non-existant internet connection (are you sick of listening to me complain about that? Never fear, we now have dsl!!), I haven't been able to.

First, CIC sweaters, mailed off last week along with 18 pairs of socks & 11 vests (photos earlier, if you dig) & a couple of hats & one odd toy:

They are all top down sweaters in the round. isle; the gray-black was auction yarn, the rest was mainly donated yarn from here, there, and everywhere - some was tapestry, some was regular yarn.

There's some mohair blend yarns in there, too.

Jon says this one looks like puke (thanks, hubby!):

And last, the afghan I finished (I was planning on giving this to the nursing homes, but my church is starting to take hand made items, so I may give it to them - though they are mainly looking for clothes).

It's a crocheted mitered square afghan with random stripes. I'm not crazy about the randomness of the stripes - I think if I used less colors, or less random stripes, I'd be happier.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been a bad blogger - busy getting my CIC box mailed off, I guess. I
did finish up an afghan and I have lots of photos!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Tuesday knitting

Happy Tuesday knitting!

I've been cranking off CIC sweaters. I'm making top down, knitted in the
round sweaters in a gauge of 4 stitches to the inch, with 2 by 2 ribbing
at the neck, bottom, and sleeves. Pretty simple, and I'm just using up
scraps of yarn I have here & yarn donations I've received recently. The
first one was fair isle; the rest are just stripey. I'm planning on
doing some fair isle ones in the future, but I'm having fun just using
up all those odd ball scraps! I finished up another one today - I think
it's the 3rd or 4th finished. Hubby's been great about weaving in the
ends for me - I taught him well!

I finally cast on another baby thing for Julie, my sister in law who's
due the end of March/beginning of April. It's their first baby, and they
got pregnant just about 6 weeks after they were married - or I should
say, found out then! I originally knit the baby kimono that is in the
M-D knitting book, but I was miserably unhappy with the finishing job &
a few other things -- like, my gauge was off slightly, so it was coming
out more toddler sized, which was fine, but I didn't compensate for the
sleeves, so it wouldn't really fit either a small baby or the older
toddler. I'll eventually make up some bibs, too - they'll be holiday
knitting when we're over the in-laws or the 'rents, since I'm sure it
won't be a surprise to Julie that I'm knitting baby stuff for her - and
save the cuter - and more interesting & fun - baby knitting for after
Christmas (and upcoming design deadlines that are looming ever nearer).

So ... what did I cast on for? And did I finish any long-term UFO's??
LOL Of course I haven't finished anything other than CIC stuff... but I
did manage to cast on for my first baby surprise jacket! This first one
will probably remain all one color (I haven't quite decided yet), and
future ones will be multi colored.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

happy Thursday!

I am almost done with my fair isle-top down-in the round - CIC sweater -
just have to finish the second sleeve & I'm done! It's very cute, but I
have 2 spaces where I did too many plain rows without fair isle, but
that's OK. It's warm.

Still no sign of my design yarn - it was sent on the 1st. I think.

I've been really tired the last couple of days - I just can't get enough
sleep. It was raining all day yesterday, and that didn't help my spirit

Mom asked me what we wanted for Christmas this year - and as always, she
never wants to buy me any yarn. Her reasoning? I have enough already.
She'll sometimes get me a box of acrylic yarn at a yard sale for my
nursing home afghans - and sometimes will contribute money for me to buy
a lot of yarn at the field auction in CT - but doesn't really buy me
yarn - or knitting anything. It drives me nuts, because no one in my
family other than Jon (and sometimes my SIL, but she always ends up
buying me horrid stuff like fake fur, but at least she tries) buys me
knitting related stuff.

She always ask "Well, what else do you want?"

I always reply the same way, I'm a knitter, I want yarn. That's who I am.

"Well, what about books?"

"I gave you my book list," I'll reply (all via email, of course).

"yes, but what about non-knitting books?" she'll reply.

And of course, I explain the same thing I explain every year - I get all
my books from the library - or sometimes I'll buy a lot at the auction.
I don't want any other books other than knitting books. So we go back &
forth for a while. And she'll finally give up, and come Christmas
morning, I'll get a gift certificate to Walmart or a grocery store or
Payless. Sigh.

Though, last year, she DID give me a small box (the size you'd put a
shirt in) filled with hooks & needles she picked up a yard sale for me.
She *does* try.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday photo time - spinning, Zorro, and CIC

Non-knitting content! *gasp*

I've been spinning like mad. I got this fiber over the summer from a gal at etsy. I promptly learned how to spin, and then sort of neglected it - I couldn't afford to buy more fiber, so I didn't want to spin the limited amount I have.Here it is soaking in the sink. I have about 33 yards here, single spun, and it's definitely the best I've ever spun. I was thinking of trying to ply it - but I have so little of it, I'm not sure what I'll do with it now.

I've been a bad mommy & haven't posted any Zorro photos in a while. Yes, he's hanging out in my CIC box that is not quite ready to be mailed out. I keep taking stuff out & adding new stuff in it. Since it's all wool (well, some mohair) he really likes it. For once, he doesn't hop up on me with cold paws!

And some actual knitting content - in the round CIC sweater. It'll be about a size 2-4 I think. I'm planning on rechecking my gauge & rechecking my math, before I go much farther. I'm just doing random fair isle at the top that I'm making up as I go along. The gray color is auction wool; the sparkling white is recycled angora. I discovered I'm actually allergic to angora, so I'm using just small bits of it at a time, and I usually wear gloves while I'm knitting with it, to keep down the redness/itchiness, but it doesn't help my eyes from watering.
The pink at the top was recently donated wool, and the light purple that I just started knitting with, is yarn I picked up at a yard sale last summer, I believe - 20 ounces of 100% wool for $4, I think. I used up a ton of it in last year's CIC knitting, but I still have a few balls of it left. I earmarked one small ball of it to go in my patchwork sweater I'm slowly knitting (expected completition date: summer, 2012), and the rest of the purple yarn all went to CIC. I probably have more of it floating around, but I doubt it. I spent a bit of time going through the stash to find what wool I have left, and I'm so grateful I got wool donations as I am definitely getting very low.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

socks that rock

Not much progress...

Friday, November 03, 2006

progress photos

These are the Opal socks I'm working on. I received this yarn from Soxie - "payment" for my baby socks pattern that was put up via the Opal newsletter during the baby socks contest they had a while ago. These are slow going, as I am only working on them while waiting for the computer to boot up, waiting for mail to download, or when playing RTC2 with hubby.

Close up of Socks that Rock - colorway Fairgrounds - from my sockret pal.These have gotten sadly mostly ignored for favor of the design projects that I've been working on lately and CIC knitting. I've picked them up here and there, but haven't touched them too much. They are now sitting next to the computer, so I'll try to grab for these to work on in front of the computer, instead of the Opal socks! Hubby & I have a date to play RTC2 tonight (if he's not too tired) - our usual Friday night tradition if we aren't working - a glass of wine, homemade calzone (using up whatever leftovers we have around the place - we've gotten very creative sometimes!!), and playing RTC. Oh, actually, I forgot, we're planning on doing a Simpsons marathon the next two nights - we're watching some Simpsons episdoes we've tivo'd lately that we've only seen a couple of times (from last season) & tomorrow night we are having a Treehouse of Terror marathon - from tivo'd episodes & from DVD. It'll be fun!

good morning, peeps!

I ended up getting called into work yesterday so not much knitting done.
Actually, I've been spinning a lot. I don't have a fiber stash - really,
I don't - I have literally 10 grams of a bag left to spin up, and one
bag of superwash merino to spin up - I did spin up a tiny, tiny bit of
it, but it's most of a 3 ounce bag. That's my entire fiber stash.

I want fiber for Christmas, so I'm spinning to remind Jon that yes, I'm
a spinner too!

Still plugging away on design projects. I also enlarged a shawl I had
made earlier - attempted to sell, actually - & I added that to the CIC
box. I have a few more vests I could add, but I'm trying to send a
variety of items. I have a couple pairs of bulky armwarmers, but I can't
find them. Strange, as I put all the CIC/charity stuff together, so I
don't know where they wandered off.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

photo time - CIC vests

Here's some of the recent CIC vests that I've made. The knitted ones are Claudia's What's In My Pocket design, minus the pockets of course. They are knitted on size 10.5 needles, using 3 strands of fingering weight yarn & one strand of tapestry yarn/scrap yarn, or 4 strands of fingering weight. They are the size 4 size. I think my favorite is the one on the right with the variagated light blue & purple middle. They aren't the prettiest, cutest vests out there, but they will be warm as they are all 100% wool. I've made several lately that have a strand of mohair in them so those should be very warm as well!

This little cutey I finished crocheting up yesterday. It's single crochet, made with scraps of tapestry yarn, and mostly greens with black picot trim. It was just winged as I went along. The back is a perfect 12" square, made in rows (not in the round) & the front has just a tad of neck shaping. The sleeves are short, as I was trying to finish up this sweater in time for my next CIC box, but it will be warmer than no sleeves at all. I don't normally make anything less than worstened weight sweaters, but since crochet is a little thicker than knitting, hopefully it will still warm some child!

For more info on CIC, please visit!

This afghan was an original - it's a crocheted quilt. I've wanted to do one of these forever. The individual squares are half grannies - work one half in one color, the other half in the other color - joined together as I went along, and then added the white single crochet borders & little mitered squares to fill in the spots, with a plain, single round black border. It's approximately 40" square, perfect lapghan size. It goes into the Nursing Home pile.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

designs, CIC knitting

i've been trying for several days to update my blog - without any luck.
And of course, I don't remember anything I was going to write about,

Knitting - stuff for CIC mainly. I have a large box ready to be mailed
off - 9 vests, 1 sweater, 1 shawl, 18 or 19 pairs of socks, one odd toy,
and a couple of hats. Pictures to come!

I'm so excited about upcoming challenges - sweaters & vests for the
bigger kids, and a mini challenge in December of mittens!!

I'm on a design roll as well. I don't want to post too much details &
spoil anything... or my chances... but it looks like I'll be published
at Mag Knits & at For Love of Yarn in January! And it also looks like
I'll be doing two socks, one knit & one crochet, for a NEW yarn that is coming out with shortly. I've seen sneak previews &
it's gorgeous!

Work's going well. I think I'm getting more used to things. It's a slow
process, and not my dream job, but not bad, either.

I can't believe how quickly December is coming. I've gotten some stuff
done for the gift box - but I'm a long, long way from finished. I'm
still needing to make about 30 sets of towel toppers, Jon's
grandmother's mittens & a pair of gloves, an unknown project for 2
relatives - something fancy, but I'm not sure what - and a hat band for
my dad, by request. Oh, socks for Jon, a new wool hat for Jon, and a new
kitty blanket for Zorro. I'm probably forgetting something. Oh yeah,
unknown project for my mom, unless i give her socks from the gift pile.