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talk about a sockapalooza update

talk about a sockapalooza update!

After realizing I had a whopping 16 projects on the needles/hooks, I've been on a mad rush to finish up stuff - and of course, typical me, I still end up casting on for more stuff in the process.

Saturday, in between Octoberfest, a job interview (again, don't ask), and turkey supper at the church with the 'rents & in laws, I worked on my crocheted alpaca shawl - started in March with yarn I bought for my 30th birthday.

I also spent a few hours working on my SSSS socks - Smores Second Skin Socks, or Snake Skin Socks, or whatever they are called, from the 6sox group. The yarn is Smores from Knit Picks, and I'm knitting them toe up on size 0's, and are for me.

Sunday I worked on finishing up quick projects:

1. I finished my CIC vest (4 strands of various fingering weight yarns from cones & recycled wool sweaters)
2. finished CIC tube socks (leftovers)
3. finished my cotton 9 patch crocheted dishcloth (christmas pile)
4. finished CIC fair isle kids socks (tapestry yarn)
5. finished the ugly socks that were supposed to be gift socks for Jon, but he doesn't want them. I ended up doing mosaic on the leg, and they are so ugly - I may put them in the gift pile, but I think I'll just keep them for myself. I don't like them, but don't want to give away ugly socks to anyone else. The main color is Paton's, one of the stripey colorways, and the other was green essential from Knit Picks.

Monday I couldn't convince myself to work on any of my "big" projects- the afghans or sweaters - and didn't feel like working on socks for me, so I knocked off 2 quick pairs of bulky socks for CIC - both cast on & finished that day. One was knit out of 3 strands of fingering & the other 4. I also managed to further avoid working on big projects by casting on another CIC vest.

This am I worked on the smores socks. I'm working on the heel of one, and I'm working on the gusset of the other. I'll probaby switch to something else after both heels are done, but we'll see how I feel when I get home.

all the socks will get scanned later on this week.

Current Projects

    log cabin afghan
    knit mitered square afghan
    granny square afghan
    quilted C afghan
    mittens for Akkol
    patchwork wool afghan
    design socks
    SocretPal Socks