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stuff & nonsense

Hi :).

I don't know why I started my post with a Hi, but there you go.

Still having computer issues - but that's another story for another day. I just don't feel like getting into it.

I still have an insane number of projects on the needles. I'm SO a process knitter. I can't help but cast on new projects, but I promised myself the only new projects I'm allowed (unless I finish a non-CIC project) are CIC items. I'm dying to start a new shawl, so it'll be a CIC shawl. I'm dying to start another new sweater - even though I have 2 for me on the needles - so, it'll be a CIC sweater.

I'm trying to upload some photos, but I'm not getting anywhere.

Current Projects

    log cabin afghan
    knit mitered square afghan
    granny square afghan
    quilted C afghan
    mittens for Akkol
    patchwork wool afghan
    design socks
    SocretPal Socks