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Project number 999 - Opal socks for me, toe up. Size 1 needles, but using only 60 stitches - my gauge on these are loose, for some odd reason. Just basic, plain vanilla, round & round socks, I'll do ribbing at the top of course, maybe something a little different like k 1, p2, k3, p1 - or some other weird odd thing. We'll see.
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These are the mystery socks from the mystery sock kal. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the pattern, either, so it's a mystery to me as well. Yarn is hand dyed and was a gift from the gal at Sock Porn - as a "secret" contest prize. Toe up, size 1 needles, with lots of yarn leftover. These feel delicious on my feet, however, I should have made the feet half an inch longer - I was trying out a new heel, and I didn't really figure out the math as well as I should have, I guess.

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