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happy Friday

Happy Friday!

I had a lot to say before I got here - I've over at the parents so i can actually check email - but now that I'm here, I can't really think of anything that I wanted to say. My mind is really racing, really going strong in a hundred different directions.

I cleaned up/organized my current knitting projects - and I have an insane amount again. I try to keep it around 5 or 6, or 7 if a few are really fast, easy projects like the CIC socks or vest that I can finish in a couple of nights. But, I think I have 14 different projects - unfortunately, I left my list at home so I'll probably forget a few.

1 & 2 - two log cabin afghans out of woolease (still trying to use it up, and I found more in storage at my 'rents house)

3 & 4 - knit & crocheted mitered square afghans

5 - quilted afghan (different design), crocheted

6 & 7 - 2 pairs of CIC socks, one tube socks, one regular toddler socks

8 - gift socks for Jon - which he recently commented on, and said he really hated the colors. He didn't know they were for him, so I've been sometimes leaving them out where he can see them. So, they'll be gift socks for someone else. I finished the heels, I'm finally on the legs & I'm doing a mosaic design, which may or may not get frogged back

9 - s'mores socks for me, out of the SSS pattern from 6 socks

10 - alpaca crocheted birthday shawl, started in March

11 - dishcloths for Christmas gifts

12 - Mag Knits socks, due the end of Nov

13 - granny square afghan, crocheted

14 - CIC vest, I think it's coming out a size 4 or so

Well, I named all the ones I found, but how much do you want to bet I'll find a few more hidden??


I forgot

15 - patchwork knitted/crocheted cardigan sweater

16 - Elizabeth Zimmermann knitted in the round, stripey fall colors sweaters

Current Projects

    log cabin afghan
    knit mitered square afghan
    granny square afghan
    quilted C afghan
    mittens for Akkol
    patchwork wool afghan
    design socks
    SocretPal Socks