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books :)

While looking around knitting blogs, I found this entry gothic reading challenge. Since I finished my goal of reading/listening to 52 books this year already - I believe I'm about 55 or so - I've been trying to figure out my reading goals for next year & for the rest of this year. I love gothic/horror/Halloween stuff so when I read this, I figure it was great!

The below list are the books I've requested from the library so far, none I have read yet (other than Poe, which I think I've read, but aren't sure). I'm not sure about the juvie books, but this is what I've gotten so far.

1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other stories of the supernatural / Robert Louis Stevenson
2. Murders in the Rue Morgue & other stories [sound recording] / Edgar Allan Poe.

3. Roald Dahl's book of ghost stories.

4. The Oxford book of Gothic tales / edited by Chris Baldick.

5. Gothic! : ten original dark tales / edited by Deborah Noyes

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Gosh Lady! You truly are my reading hero, too. I'm attempting to read 52 books. I've read something like 29 and listened to 3 so far. I'm slacking big time, but I don't honestly mind. What are your favorite books?

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