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Lookie! Another post from me!

I'm at work with the hubby-kins - just easier, schedule wise. We'll only be here an hour or so, and I get to get online.

pretty tired, but doing better than I was last week, emotionally anyways. Pain wise, is still about the same - OK, but still hurting. My balance is still off, too.

Haven't gotten much knitting done over the last couple of days - I knit a couple of rows on a pair of socks, and a row or two on another CIC vest, done with 4 strands of cone yarn that was donated to me last summer(?? not sure when). This particular time, all 4 strands are 100% wool; some of what was donated to me was a blend, either 50-50 wool/nylon or 70-30 wool/acrylic or some mix of all 3.

I have been doing lots of reading - I'm reading For Love of Evil by Piers Anthony right now.

I'm doing a lot of planning of Christmas presents and baby stuff for Julie (my sister in law), but haven't really tackled much of either.

I have been dreaming/day dreaming of miters again; I need to pick it up again & work on a few more.

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