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**crossed posted on the M-D KAL blog**

I haven't had much time for M-D knitting, unfortunately. I'm still knitting up mitered squares - and crocheted a few, too, just for fun & ha ha's - and working on a log cabin afghan or two :).

These two dishcloths are the beginning of a pile that I'll be putting together for my church's silent auction Columbus Day weekend. My hometown has a big "Octoberfest" every year - minus any beer, it's more a small country fair, almost, minus the animals but includes the bad entertainment - and the church has a silent auction every year. I haven't donated in quite some time, and realized only this past Sunday that it was coming up. I've been busy knitting/crocheting for my family's raffle, and had blinders on, I guess.
So, what to knit or crochet, in less than 2 weeks time, but will still look impressive - but doesn't involve alot of money, or yarn? M-D dishcloths, of course, though if I have time, I'll knit one State of MA cloth, since we are in MA after all.

Great dishcloths. I love that pattern. The colors you've chosen are perfect for this season, I'm sure they'll get a ton of bids.

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