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at the rents house

I'm at the 'rents house, and I'm peaking online quick. Not much to say. We had our yard sale yesterday, which was a disaster since it rained. We held it in the garage, but barely anyone came, and we only made $40. Very, very sad indead, since we had 14 tables worth of stuff, plus about 12 boxes of books, 6 boxes of Jon's cars (doubles), and several boxes of kids toys.

During the yard sale, I worked on those CIC socks that are still on the needles - but ran out of yarn (with me, that is).

We left about 4, and Jon crashed for a couple of hours. I wasn't feeling well, again, so I worked on crocheting some mitered squares.

This AM I worked on the CIC socks for a few minutes, but since we went to church, not much time to knit. I did manage to grab some cotton & some scrap acrylic from storage here at my parents house.

i wish i had some yarn to make blankets

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