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another photo less post

Are you sick of these photo less posts, yet? I am.

Well, the CIC socks are done, and I just posted a quick note over at Knittin Mom's blog. I can't send emails from the library, but I can post comments at least. I'm almost done 2 more pairs - I think I'm going to see if I can't finish my pair tonight, and then at least I'll have one brownie pair for the month. I really want to start cranking out my CIC knitting, though - I've missed it.

Our yard sale is this Sat - anyone from MA around, I'll let you know directions as I'm selling tons of vintage patterns for 25 cents each - mags & stuff, mainly, from the 70's & older. I MAY try to sell some vintage acrylic stuff, but I am almost positive I'm going to give my cousin Millie a 50 pound box, which will help clean up the acrylic I'm not planning to use. I use a ton of acrylic for my nursing home afghans, but I've just accumulated so much of it. Millie knits dolls for the Shoebox charity, so it'll be put to good use. She's retired so cranks out a lot of knitting! I may end up giving my grandmother a smaller box, too - she knits a lot of hats for charity, too, but right now she's on a thread kick.

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