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photos of the socks

I thought I took photos of everything I wanted, and of course, I forgot photos of the second contest prize that I won recently. Oh well, something to photograph another day!

Here's Munch, aka Zorro, "helping". He's laying on some of the woolease I have left from the log cabin afghans - a project that's for two KALs. My plan for summer of stash was to use the woolease, and I had no idea what I'd do with it until I saw the log cabin afghan. I need to photo it again, as it's almost done. I.e. I'm almost done with the few odd balls of color I have, other than white & gray. I suppose I could make one with just white & gray, but eh... By the way, the blue thing is a mohair shawl for CIC. Zorro keeps thinking it's HIS, so he keeps stealing it out of my CIC box. Think cats can't carry a heavy shawl around?? Yeah, right, if you are my 15 pound Zorro!

these are the socks that I started, from the yarn I won from Aija. I'm just about at the heel turn on one, and about an inch away from the heel turn on the other. The yarn is from Handspun on the Web. I'm planning on doing the leg of the sock with one of the mystery sock patterns on the web, for the mystery socks KAL - the lacy sock tops pattern, from knitlist.

I finally took photos of the buttonhole bag that I finished recently. I used mainly a vintage purple wool yarn, with the blue stripe using 2 yarns - a bit of leftover tapestry wool (one row, because I wasn't sure how it would felt), and some leftover Wool of the Andes blue wool. I used size 10.5 needles & two strands of the worstened weight yarn, and it took 2 trips through the washer. Because my gauge was different from the pattern, I just added more stitches, and re-figured the math for where the handles should go.

I joined the Mystery Sock KAL, too, but haven't decided on a pattern yet. I printed three off today and may take a closer look at them tonight and decide. I joined Sock-a-Month 2 KAL as well. I just won my first "blog" prize ever from it - cashmere sock yarn! Woo, hoo!

They look fun, I wondered what that yarn would look like knit up!

I hope you feel better, I had read about your knee dislocation and was hoping you were better. I can't imagine the pain...

Hopefully you will be back in the swing of things soon, and the difficulty is just a memory!

You can WIN yarn??!! I need to get out more....

Great project btw! Love them all. (and the kitty)

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