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knee update, M-D knitting, Zorro

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOK, apparantly imageshack lost my first post.

I saw the doctor yesterday morning - and the good news is, no surgery or PT.

I'm basically off the pain pills so I'm starting to knit again. I've had needles in my hand constantly, but haven't done much actual knitting. I can't concentrate & really, just haven't had much desire to do much of anything.

The mitered squares I had mostly finished up before all of this happened, but I have knit a couple since then. I think I've offiically finished 9 of them, and I have a 10th one on the needles that I haven't touched since Sunday I think.

Zorro, aka Munch, has already claimed this afghan as his own. Usually he doesn't like squares - or acrylic - but he is trying hard to claim this afghan anyway. He also already claimed the woolease log cabin afghan. I keep trying to explain to him that they are both supposed to go to the nursing home, but he won't listen. I guess we'll be fighting over it for a while!

He already has my merino circular shawl - though, he's been nice enough to actual let me use it the past few days. He knows Mommy's hurting. So does he really need another kitty blanket? He already has 10 or 12... plus my hat/mitten/scarf box that we keep out all year round for him... plus his kitty bed, and his window seat with HIS kitty pillows which we aren't allowed to touch, other than rearranging for him....

The skein of sock yarn photoed on my bed, comes from a contest prize that I won before this whole nightmare started, and arrived when we were still staying in Douglas. I wasn't overjoyed to see it in the skein, though the colors were very pretty, it just didn't "sing" to me immediately. But I've been cuddling with it all week, it's very soft & it was just SUCH a pick me, I couldn't stand it. So I cast on for basic socks yesterday, and it's knitting up beautifully. I can't believe how gorgeous it is! I haven't taken any progess photos yet, I have both toes started but that's about it. I'm still struggling with knitting, I just don't feel like doing anything, ya know??

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