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getting back to normal

I'm slowly getting back to normal. In fact, I went to the library yesterday, though hubby had to drive. it IS my right knee, after all - and I hate to drive anyway. I managed to get down our 3 flights of stairs without too much difficulty, but used the elevator at the library. I was pretty tired before we even got there, but hey, I did go.

Today, I'm at my parents house. We have plans with them & my "brother" and "sister" (my dad likes to "adopt" guys at work, and after a certain period of time, they end up my sibling. Since my sibling's engaged, she's my sister) tonight. Since I still can't drive, and Jon had to go into work way, way too early, I'm here at my parents house way, way too early.

At least they have cable internet. We still have dial up at all.

But, things are looking up. I'm still struggling with doing my knee exercises, but I am definitely getting stronger. I'm free of crutches, at least. I'm still supposed to basically be on bed rest, but I'm basically off pain meds at this point, so my head is finally getting clear enough to really knit again.

Yesterday, I worked on my abandoned lace top - from the summer of lace, a KAL that I also abandoned, right after the start, I'm afraid. I was so excited about doing it, but the projects were just not my cup of tea. I'm lame.

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