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Inspired by: http://kdysworld.blogspot.com/

various crocheted scrap afghans for the nursing home - buried underneath the bed. There's the crocheted quilt; there's the hexagon afghan; there's the granny squares I got from my grandmother that I have to weave in the ends & crochet together, enough for several afghans; there's the 12 inch squares from a swap, enough for 2 laphghans, if I just crochet 1 more square; there's the 10 inch afghan square swap, enough for 1-2 afghans; there's the 8 inch Halloween square swap, enough for one ghan, and the 8 inch fall afghan swap - I have to make a few squares for that one, as the fall squares are leftover from the first afghan I made; then there are literally bags full of assorted sized/gauges granny squares.

There's a large bag with hundreds of 2 round grannies, leftover from a 3 round granny afghan that I made, these are the squares I didn't border & crochet together, but certainly enough for a lapghan.

Then there's the bag of granny's daughters, that I may or may not add rounds to, or may or may not use as is. How many is that?

The sad thing is, as many UF afghans as this is, I do work on them from time to time. And I have finished a few of them.


various hats for charity, some wool & some acrylic

socks for my sock swap partner

scrap socks for me

socks for Renee

mohair shawl for CIC

purple lace top for "The Great Lace"

alpaca/lace crocheted shawl for me

2 un named projects that are going to be published in two unnamed books


The black/grey cotton chenille top I started for the Summer of Stash. I've tried, and tried, and tried to do something with this yarn, and I keep failing. Most recent attempt frogged.

more Barbie doll clothes - I got naked Barbies here, people!
More charity hats
fancy gloves for my mom for Christmas
socks for Jon
cotton socks for my summer cotton sock partner

Recent FO's

hats, acrylic &/or wool, for charity

barbie doll clothes, crocheted &/or knit

CIC wool vest, toddler sized, crocheted & my own design

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scrap socks for me (based upon toe & heel of the current six socks pattern, but different leg & ribbing)

scrap socks for me (exact 6socks pattern)

Other Crafts

embroidery for Queen's Favors for Pennsic

a spindle full of wool (with just a little more to spin up) that needs to get washed/set/hung up
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