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some minor reorganizing

I've done some minor reorganizing of my stash of needles & stuff. we picked up a small, lightweight wooden bookcase last week for free at the auction, so we moved that into the bathroom - yes, the bathroom! we have a small space/apartment, so we have to make do with the space we have. I stuck half my FO's there since I ran out of room on my side of the bed. I stuck some of my odd needles/hooks (the collectible stuff, anyway, that I don't use because they are 50-100 years old), etc. Still working on organizing it. It looks kind of cute - I got some Barbie dolls on the shelves mixed in with books, needles, hooks, projects, and I may put a plant or two on there, too!

I started knitting 2 ballband dishclothes from the Mason Dixon knitting book. I got it from the library recently & I'm in love! I also started a log cabin afghan, based upon the book, too, but just changing colors randomly. I'm using up woolease that I have mainly in an oatmeal color - I have several pounds of it, but not sure I really have enough for a ghan. If it comes out small ish, it'll just go to the nursing homes. No biggie. I don't really need another afghan for us! But, it's the first knitted afghan I've attempted, as I always crochet them. So it'll be an adventure. I'm using a 10.5 size circ.

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