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designing news

Well... The yarn is here for the two books. And designing time is officially here. One unnamed project went swimmingly well; the design was already in my head & I had worked several of them up in various types of yarn already, so it was just a matter of using the yarn I received in the mail.

Project two is a little tougher: I had a design already worked up, but in a totally different fiber & weight of yarn than what I had received. And, belated, I found out that I was going to be using 2 colors, not one variagated as I had originally designed. So I'm back to the drawing board. I've spent about 4 hours so far, and I think I have the basic pattern in place. Now it's a matter of working out the kinks, so to speak, working on sizing & other issues. Don't want to say too much, but it's been grand fun, though definitely much more stressful than I had anticipated.

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