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CIC knitting & sock knitting

Well, all my other projects have otherwise been abandoned. I was planning on doing the mystery shawl 2 - plenty of lace weight cone yarn, but I wasn't happy with my needles. To get a good look to my fabric, I needed to use size 3 needles - and all I had was straights. I despise straights. I always use circs, even when knitting flat. I tried a bit of the stole & gave up. Too ackward, too painful, too heavy a fabric right away.
I have my top for the great lace - abandoned. I frogged the chenille stash busting top. Haven't started any other "real" stash projects, though I did try to crochet a basket with some woolease but it was a major flop - literally. Zorro stole the bottom part of the basket. So, woolease is still sitting, several pounds of it, waiting to be used, so is the cotton chenille, so is the lustersheen.  Sigh.
I've been plugging on cotton socks for my "bless your cotton socks exchange" - they're about halfway done.
My CIC mohair shawl is done. I didn't like the point, so I cut off the point & reknit it - and it looks worse than when it started. And somehow there are extra increases in the top, so my triangular shawl - is not so triangular. Colorwise, it looks stunning. Just ignore all the mistakes!!
I've finished a couple of fair isle & one crocheted CIC vests. I'm working on a 4th. It's slow going since 1 strand of the yarn is angora, which I've discovered I'm slightly allergic to. I can knit about 30 minutes before I start to break out in a rash where the yarn rubs up against my hand. So I'm just knitting a little at a time on it. I just divided for the armholes & so is getting there.
I knocked off a small pair of socks (this is the sock challenge, after all) & started a couple of other pairs. The first pair was a semi striping/ribby pattern. The 2 on the needles now are just going to be plain, basic, toe up socks.
Let's see - what else? I'm planning on casting on a pair of socks using a couple of other patterns I've wanted to try, and I'll probably cast on a pair of basic straight st st "travel" socks. I still have difficulties talking, walking/standing in line, and knitting anything other than straight st st, even after almost 4 years of knitting. I can knit semi-complicated stuff at home with the most complicated TV/movie on, but talking & knitting is still a little harder for me.
Hmm. I guess that's it for an update!

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