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Summer of Stash

I just posted an update over at the Summer of Stash blog, but I thought I'd recap what I wrote over here. I was going to cut and paste, but I babbled, so I'll summarize.

First, summer of stash = no buying new yarn (with one exception - I was allowed two - I can buy wool yarn at yard sales for CIC) until after Labor Day. Part of the plan was coming up with a list of yarn and/or projects to use up stash yarn. I listed several things I was planning on doing: using up cotton chenille, woolease, and lustersheen that's about ten years old. I almost immediately cast on a top using the cotton chenille, and haven't touched it since.

Wednesday, when I hurt my back & couldn't move, I decided to knit my first pair of mittens, using up some brown wool from a recycled sweater. The sweater wasn't even that big, but it was originally a cabled sweater. I've used that yarn for a hundred CIC projects, I swear, and I still had yarn left. So I'm knitting my first pair of mittens, for me. Almost done.

I'm knitting two pairs of scrap socks, using leftover tapestry wool & leftover sock yarn, mainly greens. (knitting 20 other pairs of socks, too).

My other plans for Summer of Stash:
Christmas presents:

For Mom - a pair of serviceable & warm gloves for everyday, and a pair of fancy gloves for Church. Never knitted gloves before, so I'll make the easier servicable pair first. Maybe a fancy hat. She doesn't really wear hats or use scarves, so I'll have to think on this. Probably not. Hmm. Something.

Serviceable mittens for Jon's grandmother. She requested serviceable mittens from me last year for Christmas, which I crocheted for her. This year, I'll knit em, probably with acrylic as she'll be abusing these, machine washing & drying them, etc. I don't want to use wool, even if I had superwash wool in anything other than sock yarn (which I don't.)

Another pair of socks for Jon.

Good for you! I signed up for that but have been a bad girl.

I sent you another invitation to the BLESS HER COTTON SOCK blogsite using the second address. Did you get it?

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