Wednesday, June 28, 2006

still alive

Not doing much knitting, though. I frogged my socks on size 00's. After frogging them for 4 times, and I still can't get them the right size &/or right pattern, I'm giving up on them for now. These were called my peppermint socks, because I dyed the yarn at Christmas time trying to make holiday socks.

Working on my second pair of color blox socks. Toe up, and I'm on the legs of both. Getting there.

Working on a mohair shawl for CIC, out of freebie mohair yarn I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

Ignoring all my other knitting.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


After a great yard saling adverture yesterday, we were disappointed terribly by today's auction. They've changed the rules- no more free stuff, no wheeling & dealing, no more splitting lots, and all of us - my parents, Jon & I - feel as if someone has died. An end of an era.
I finished my brown wool mittens yesterday! They are fab, though the thumbs are a tad too short. I cast on for another pair, but I decided to frog them - I only did 1/2" on the first cuff. I have too many projects on the needles, I need to work on finishing stuff, not casting on more projects.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

yard saling

Finally, after a lot of rain, we finally got to go yard saling - for about 7 hours or so.image hosting by We went all over the place, and I can't believe how much stuff we came home with. I did stick to the Summer of Stash - though it was hard, I only used my exception - buying wool yarn for CIC.

some of the buttons I got with a ton of other sewing stuff

image hosting by the wool sweaters (to frog for CIC), the tapestry yarn (100% wool for CIC), one of the circs & 2 pairs of straight needles

image hosting by imagevenue.commisc sewing stuff-zippers, ribbon, pincushion, etc. some yarn bobbins, and things I don't even know

image hosting by the mags & the free yarn (see the sign?)

image hosting by

image hosting by I also got some brown fabric, 2 different types. I thought I photographed it, but I guess I didn't.

image hosting by
All totalled, I spent less than $5 for everything!

zippers, pin cushion, just a close up... I love the pin cushion. Not that I need another one, but all the sewing stuff (minus the fabric) was all in the same lot.

Jon got a vintage lego set (still in the box), 2 brand new lego sets, a bunch of cars & loose legos, & a Garfield mug, for I think $3.25 for everything. Oh, wait, it was around $4.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer of Stash

I just posted an update over at the Summer of Stash blog, but I thought I'd recap what I wrote over here. I was going to cut and paste, but I babbled, so I'll summarize.

First, summer of stash = no buying new yarn (with one exception - I was allowed two - I can buy wool yarn at yard sales for CIC) until after Labor Day. Part of the plan was coming up with a list of yarn and/or projects to use up stash yarn. I listed several things I was planning on doing: using up cotton chenille, woolease, and lustersheen that's about ten years old. I almost immediately cast on a top using the cotton chenille, and haven't touched it since.

Wednesday, when I hurt my back & couldn't move, I decided to knit my first pair of mittens, using up some brown wool from a recycled sweater. The sweater wasn't even that big, but it was originally a cabled sweater. I've used that yarn for a hundred CIC projects, I swear, and I still had yarn left. So I'm knitting my first pair of mittens, for me. Almost done.

I'm knitting two pairs of scrap socks, using leftover tapestry wool & leftover sock yarn, mainly greens. (knitting 20 other pairs of socks, too).

My other plans for Summer of Stash:
Christmas presents:

For Mom - a pair of serviceable & warm gloves for everyday, and a pair of fancy gloves for Church. Never knitted gloves before, so I'll make the easier servicable pair first. Maybe a fancy hat. She doesn't really wear hats or use scarves, so I'll have to think on this. Probably not. Hmm. Something.

Serviceable mittens for Jon's grandmother. She requested serviceable mittens from me last year for Christmas, which I crocheted for her. This year, I'll knit em, probably with acrylic as she'll be abusing these, machine washing & drying them, etc. I don't want to use wool, even if I had superwash wool in anything other than sock yarn (which I don't.)

Another pair of socks for Jon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Abnormal Are You?

Nice... Really....

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Haven't been posting much, obviously. Haven't done much knitting lately, or crocheting or spinning either, for that matter. I've actually done a bit of sewing, and a lot of reading. I even updated my current "books read in 2006" list on my other blog, - as accurate as I could be, as I haven't been doing a good job with keeping track lately.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Yes, I am a handspinner now! I purchased a nice, big box of fibers from & I've been spinning like mad. Please go visit her, and tell her Anastacia said hello :).

First, we have to include a cute Zorro photo, helping Mommy

My first spindle full of yarn: plain, white, undyed wool

Close up.

All put into a mini skein, and ready to be set and washed.

Now that I've played a bit, it's time for some prettier stuff:

Here's the same white skein, along with some gorgeous blue

Here's just the blue

and some of this gorgeous multi color stuff, I believe it's blue faced leicester... I also have some superwash merino that I am starting to work with.

Which Spindle Are You?

Bless Her Cotton Socks Swap

Summer sock swap:

"I just set a new summer sock swap called Bless Her Cotton Socks
Exchange. Now that warm weather is upon us I am only wanting to knit
with cotton-blend yarn.

If you are a Sockapalooza fan you will enjoy this sock swap, too.
Since we are heading into summer, the socks will all be cotton. You
will be assigned a secret sock swap pal and to her you will send:

1. a pair of cotton socks knit by you in her size
2. cotton sock yarn - enough for one pair of socks
3. a sock pattern that she can use with the yarn you send
4. a note to her

Signups will be open until June 11. Stop by the blog and sign up: "