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weekend knitting

I hate my computer. I've said it before & I'll say it again!

Fun & busy weekend. I'll be posting some photos in a bit. I brought two projects with me for the weekend, finished one, and ended up starting a 3rd project while I was in the car coming home from NH. Even though I could still knit socks, I had to start another project. I'm insane.

One of the things on my to-do list is to list all of my WIPS, complete with photos & starting dates, if known, and list them all here on my blog. Will I ever? Well, I've taken some photos at least, but that's as far as I've gotten.

There's Renee's socks, the boatneck sleeveless sweater I started in NH that'll be forever called the NH sweater or the NH top, socks, socks, socks, more socks, more socks, and then more socks. The lace top for the Great Lace; the chenille top for the Summer of Stash. Various scrap afghans. More various scrap afghans. I'm not addicted. Say it with me: I'm not addicted!

Finished up socks for my sock swap partner, and already have another sock swap partner. And I joined the cotton sock swap, even though I have hardly any cotton yarn here. I shouldn't have joined, since I can't buy more yarn. But, this means I'll use stash. If, my partner hates the available yarn I have, then I'll have to add an exception to my Summer of Stash pledge, and say that I can buy yarn for my partner's socks.

So, Memorial Day: we went yard saling on Sat & had a bonfire with my parents that night; Sunday we went to NH with my parents, and Monday we had a quiet day before we met up with them again & had a bonfire for a couple of hours before coming home. Lots of hiking & sightseeing. My favorite part was the Tram up to Cannon Mountain; Jon called his parents at the top to wish them a Happy Memorial Day, though they weren't home.

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