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summer v neck sweater pattern


Circular Bottom-Up Regular length Fitted Waist Pullover Raglan shoulder Sleeveless with Ribbing

V front neck and Flat back neck with Single Band collar



Gauge st st: 16.0 sts by 22.0 rows.

Body knit by hand on # 6 US circular needles

Ribbing knit by hand on # 3.5 US circular needles

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Tight fit - for ladies size 38 bust

Chest: 39.1 Armhole: 16.6 Top Neck Opening: 6.5

Waist: 33.5 Hem Width: 16.7 Front Neck Width: 1.0

Hip: 36.5 Front Neck Depth: 8.3

Hem Length: 0.5

Body Length: 22.0 Collar Length: 1.0

Back Waist Length: 17.5

yo  lace

Worked on a multiple of 2 plus 0 sts.

Rnd 1-3: knit

Rnd 4: k2tog, yo, repeat across row

Note: Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit. There may be sections where there are two shapings to work at the same time (such as necklines or waist shaping).


1.  Cast on 152 sts on size 6 circular needle. Join the circle, taking care not to twist the stitches. Mark the side 'seams' at the beginning and at the halfway point (76 sts). Work two rounds knit.

2. Work in yo lace pattern for first 4-5" of pattern, while at the same time work waist shaping

3. Waist Shaping. Dec 1 st at both sides of both seam markers (4 sts per round) on next round , then every following 4th round 4 times to 132 sts. Work even for 0.9 ins (5 rounds). Inc 1 st at both sides of both seam markers (4 sts per round) on next round , then every following 7th round 5 times to 156 sts. Work even for 1.8 ins (10 rounds) to total 13.1 ins.

4. Divide for amhole. Transfer the just completed 78 sts between seam markers to a holder for the front. You can now switch to straight needles if you wish. From this point on, work on back section only, with right side facing to start.

5. Armhole shaping. Cast off 6 sts at beginning of next 2 rows.

6. Raglan shaping. Dec 1 st at armhole end(s) of every 3rd row 7 times, then dec 1 st at armhole end(s) of every 2nd row 13 times.

7. Total 121 rows with 26 sts remaining for back of neck. Place sts on holder.


1. Transfer body front sts from holder to needle, with right side facing. Join yarn. Dec for armhole at both ends, as for back. Continue until armhole measures 0.5 ins (3 rows), with 66 sts remaining.

2. Divide for neck. Work both sides at the same time. Work 31 sts. With a second ball of yarn, cast off next 4 sts and work remaining 31 sts. Continue armhole shaping.

3. Shape neck. Dec 1 st at neck edge of next row, then every 5th row 7 times, then every 6th row once.

4. Work even at neck edge, continuing armhole decreases to last 2 sts. Cast off.


1. Sew sleeves to fronts and back, along raglan armhole seams.


1. Transfer yoke sts to size 3.5 circular needle, then pick up and work (starting at bottom of front neck) 34 sts from right front neck edge and 13 sts from back neck edge to center (2 extra sts from holder should be incorporated into shoulder seam or doubled). Total 47 sts.

2. Work 1.0 ins (7 rows) in K1P1 ribbing.

3. Cast off loosely.

4. Work the left side the same way as the right, picking up the back neck sts first.


1. Sew any remaining seams.

2. Darn/weave/sew in all loose ends.


I'm using Knit Picks Crayon, bought for my 30th birthday :). It'll count as a stash project, and for the summer of lace as well. I'd recommend 7 balls, but you might get away with less. As I start knitting, I'll add notes & photos!

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