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I really hate computers sometimes. Really I do. Argh. Just call me a pirate.

Jon was sick all yesterday, he ended up with 101.7 fever.

Zorro had his yearly checkup on Wednesday. He has problems with shots, and as usual, he has a lot of muscle stiffness. He's still walking around OK, but he's limping on one leg. It's an issue because if it gets bad, he can't get up to get something to drink, go to the bathroom, etc. We had to take him back one year because he was dehydrated. Scary when we have plans this weekend, but if he's not better by tomorrow morning, we'll switch plans around a bit so he's not left home alone too much.

I finished the scrap brown socks yesterday, so I could cross that off my list. I cast on for my "great lace" project - that's all I did, though. I don't want to get carried away. I cast on for a stash busting project as well - another top knit in the round, out of very, very, very old cotton chenille, bought a few years before I got married. It was pretty old stuff when I bought it, and had been languishing in a yarn store for several years before the LYSO put the stuff on clearance. It then languished some more before I finally took it home. It's pretty stiff and I'm not having fun knitting with it.

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