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CIC photos

Some of the various CIC stuff going into today's box. I've been making this stuff since the last box I mailed off ages ago. 6 crocheted vests, 6 knitted vests (some with short sleeves), and 5 pairs of socks, along with some assorted toys & one odd toothbrush.

Socks are 6sock current sock. Vests are based upon What's in My Pocket vest.


Children in Common - www.childrenincommon.org - a charity support kids living in Eastern European orphanges. These poor kids get nothing from their governments - no heat, no toys, no toothpaste or toilet paper, for crying out loud! Please consider making just one pair of socks - toddler sized would be great, out of at least 50% wool (100% is better). No worries about superwash, as everything gets washed in cold water (there isn't hot water for baths, let alone laundry). Feel free to use up all your scraps!


I'm sorry if I'm being a idiot here, but what is CIC? These look very cheerful, are these for sick kids or something like that?

do they need blankies? i dont know how to make socks..
take care,

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