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short sleeved sweater

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Circular Top-Down Regular length Fitted Waist Pullover with Ribbing

Raglan shoulder with Short Narrow Taper sleeves with Ribbing

Flat front neck and Flat back neck with Single Band collar

Size: Standard Woman 38

Date started: 4/18/2006


*; scraps; *


Gauge (Stocking Stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 15.0 sts by 20.0 rows.

Body knit by hand on # 8 US circular needles

Ribbing knit by hand on # 6 US circular needles

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Comfortable fit.

Chest: 42.3 Armhole: 19.8 Top Neck Opening: 8.3

Waist: 36.7 Hem Width: 10.8 Front Neck Width: 0.0

Hip: 41.6 Sleeve Top: 13.4 Front Neck Depth: 0.0

Hem Width: 39.5 Sleeve Bottom: 12.1

Sleeve Length: 5.1

Body Length: 24.2 Hem Length: 1.0 Collar Length: 1.0

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usBack Waist Length: 18.3

Hem Length: 2.8

Note: Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit. There may be sections where there are two shapings to work at the same time (such as necklines or waist shaping).


1. Cast on 66 sts on size 6 circular needle loosely. Join the circle, taking care not to twist the stitches. Mark the beginning of the round.

2. Work 1.0 ins (6 rows) in K1P1 ribbing. Check that the collar will stretch to fit over the head.

3. Mark the four raglan 'seams' at the following locations: at begining of round, then after stitches 2, 33 and 35.


1. With size 8 needles work raglan shaping as follows: inc 1 st both sides of each raglan marker on every 3rd round 8 times, then every 2nd round 12 times. Total 226 sts.

2. Split the yoke into front, back and sleeve sections as follows. Place each section between markers onto separate holders, leaving back sts on the needle. There should be 71 sts for the back and front sections, and 42 sts for each sleeve.


1. With right side of back facing and Stocking Stitch, start where back joins left sleeve. Cast on 8 sts for underarm, work sts from front holder, cast on 8 sts for second underarm, and finally work across back section. Total 158 sts for body. Mark the side 'seams' at the underarm midpoints (after sts 4 and 83).

2. Waist Shaping. Work even for 2.0 ins (10 rounds). Dec 1 st at both sides of both seam markers on next round (4 sts per round), then every following 7th round 4 times to 138 sts. Work even for 0.8 ins (4 rounds). Inc 1 st at both sides of both seam markers on next round (4 sts per round), then every following 3rd round 3 times to 154 sts. Work even to total 11.4 ins ( 57 rounds) from underarms. Dec 6 sts evenly across the last round to 148 sts.

3. Hem. Change to size 6 needles. Work 16 rounds in K1P1 ribbing. Cast off remaining sts loosely.


1. With right side facing and size 8 needles, re-join yarn and work sts from right sleeve holder. Cast on 8 sts for underarm. Total 50 sts for sleeve. Join the circle, taking care not to twist the sts. Mark the sleeve 'seam' midway on the underarm.

2. Dec 1 st both sides of the marker of every 5th round twice, then every 6th round once to 44 sts (16 rounds total).

3. Work even until sleeve measures 4.1 ins (21 rounds). Dec 3 sts evenly across the last row (41 sts remaining).

4. Hem. Change to size 6 needles. Work 6 rows in K1P1 ribbing. Cast off remaining sts loosely.

5. Work left sleeve in the same way.


1. Graft or sew the sleeve and body sts together at the underarms.

2. Darn/weave/sew in all loose ends.


I worked the sleeves before the whole sweater was finished. I just picked up stitches along the armpit, adding extra stitches to eliminate holes, and decreased the extra stitches the next round - ala picking up gusset stitches in a sock. I worked the sleeve much shorter as well than what is stated in the pattern - I worked 4 rounds even, 5th row decreased for a total of 3 times, then I decreased in the next row 4 stitches I believed & worked ribbing for just about an inch.

I worked the ribbing in the arms on size 6 stitches - but wasn't thrilled about the fabric, so used size 5 needles for the ribbing on the bottom.

Thank you for the pattern I think that it will be great in Kraemer Yarns Little Leighe the gauge seems to be right.
I hope you will show in progress pics for us.
I have a daughter named Anastasia.

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