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happy Easter

Hope everyone had a fabulous day.

I had a great day so far - though I overslept for church. We had lunch with my parents, inlaws, great uncle & uncle, and now I'm with hubby at work. Just waiting for his work to come in, make a few calls & we'll be home free, hopefully soon.

I finally got my holiday socks in from the exchange over the winter, and they are fabulous! I'll be taking a photo & posting it of me wearing my gorgeous socks. Thanks, friend! I loved my box :) & it was so wonderful getting to know you a bit, and I can't believe my socks posed with Stephanie! that's fabulous!! I love the pin, too, it's on my bag.

I did a little crocheting over my parents house - my alpaca & silk shawl I'm making from my birthday yarn. I've been spending the week finishing up a scrap afghan for our bed, I like to make a new one for the bed every couple of years or so. It's my own design, very simple, I'll write up the pattern eventually.

Happy Easter!

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