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KO update

I have lots & lots of pictures to update with, but, the camera &/or the computer is being a pill & I can't upload any photos today.

Well, I got a late start due to major dental trauma, but, I started last night & my fingers are flying! After a week of debating back & forth & back & forth, I finally decided to change my mind only slightly. I honestly felt that stripey toe up knee high socks weren't going to be much of a challenge, so I decided to do toe up, fair isle knee high socks instead, or at least, as far as my yarn will go. I think I have enough, because all of a sudden it dawned on me that my box of tapestry yarn should be just about the same gauge as the other yarn I'm using, and still 100% wool! woo hoo! I'm doing it in shades of blue & purple, with a few odd shades thrown in for constrast, and as always, they are dramatically mismatched, my favorite socks! They are coming along very, very fast, and I am so in love! I'm using a fair isle pattern from the book "Sensational Knitted Socks" - I wanted a fair isle pattern easy to memorize, something that looked a little more complicated than it was in reality, and something that would look good with the lots & lots of colors I was planning on using. So the final decision was the last fair isle pattern in the fair isle section. I am making them toe up, on double points, both socks at the same time on different sets of points, and 5 needles a piece, all of my favorite/usual way of knitting socks.

To be different, I am planning on making an hourglass/short row heel. I don't normally do this! I think I've made *one* pair of socks, ever, with that type of heel. Because these are toe up, and fair isle, I need a heel with no gusset. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the heel will be big enough. I hope. I pray. I wish. *crosses fingers*

In other knit-related news, DH & I took off for an indoor yard sale this morning, the first of the year. We were both anxious to be off & had a later-than-we-wanted start, so when I left with knitting, I had the KO sock with 4 needles & didn't grab the 5th working stitch. So I was knitting with just the 4 needles & not very happy about it. Jon & I kept cracking jokes about how "wouldn't it be funny if I found needles the right size at the yard sale?" and wouldn't you know it, I found, not only dpn, but the exact size i was using, in the middle of somebody else's wool sock, complete with a finished, matching pair! I'll be doing the burn test in a bit to verify it's wool. I will definitely be frogging these socks, however, as nice as they are, they aren't exactly my size & the kitchener stitch is atrocious. Not that I can kitchener well, but even I can do a better job than that, and that's why I knit toe up socks! I also picked up a cone of Shetland wool yarn & a mystery skein of wool (I think, I have to do the burn test for that, too). Debated about picking up a neat basket filled with acrylic; I didn't really want the acrylic as I have 100's of pounds of it already stored at my parents house (yard sale yarn! yeah) but I loved the basket. I didn't want to be one of those people dumping things out on the floor, so I passed over everything & just bought the socks with the needles, the cone yarn, and the one skein of mystery feels-like-wool & looks-like wool. I picked up a few things for my parents for Christmas & Jon picked up a bit of Barbie-plastic canvas patterns, and that was it.

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