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ebay, blogger spam, knitting & reading

Anybody else get weird ebay emails this morning? Claiming that you bid on something, & didn't pay for it? I haven't bought anything on ebay in ages, though I do still go on the site & browse yarn. I haven't even bid on anything so I KNOW it wasn't us. And then I noticed that we got two, identical emails, to the same email address (I have multiple accounts) but that one looks like I was bcc'ed the email to the account. And they were 2 hours apart. Weird.

In other, knit related news, I finally "learned" to knit & read at the same time. My favorite way to knit is by listening to audiobooks, and that works great, but lately I've been having a hard time finding audiobooks I could really get in to. Interlibrary loan is great, but still limiting. I'm currently rereading the Crystal Singer series; the copy I have from the library is all three volumes in one large, oversized paperback book. It's working great. I'm not reading as fast as I would without knitting and not knitting as fast as I would without reading, but, it's nice being able to do both. I'm just working on a very basic knit top for myself out of recycled cotton/ramie yarns, it's striped so I do have to stop & look at my work for a second here & there, but for the most part it's working out grand.

In other, non topic news, my blog was recently marked as "spam". I had to do that stupid word verification thing on every post I tried to do yesterday. Pain in the butt, but even more so since I often use the imageshack "post to blog" feature, and since I'm on dialup,anything that saves me time is wonderful! That in itself wouldn't be so bad, but a, I was trying to post patterns yesterday, and 2) no matter how many times I tried that word verification thing, it kept saying I wasn't typing the right word!! It took a long, long time & I finally gave up & didn't finish all I wanted to do. I was happy to see that I've gone back to usual.

The only thing I could think of was my repeated etsy posts - I admit, that taking things out of context would have made it seem like I was spamming. and, I guess I was, but I was also excited. I'm actually pleased that blogger has such a feature! Because anything to help eliminate spam is a good thing, even if it is my own blog being affected.

Those eBay letters are phishing scams - I get stuff like that all the time. They don't come from eBay but from folks who want to access your account and cause all sorts of trouble. If you can check the headers on e-mail, do so and you'll see they don't actually come from eBay.

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