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year in review

Which, I'll probably add to as I think of things.

1. My first pattern was published - in the crochet pattern a day calender. It's a small step.

2. I learned how to knit lace, learned how to knit fair isle & intarsia.

3. I successfully knitted several sweaters ala Elizabeth Zimmerman.

4. I experimented w/ several sock techniques, inc. magic loop & 2s2c, and realized, I really do prefer my dpn!

5. I have become a yarn snob.

6. I have become more of a yarn collector, then a pattern collector. This is a huge, huge change in my craft life.

7. I have KIP many, many times.

8. I knit approximately 30 pairs of socks & 1 hat for CIC, and many, many, many lapghans & blankets for nursing homes/shelters/pet shelters, but must still deliver them!

Things to accomplish in 2006:

1. Learn not to hate the purl stitch so much!

2. Teach at least 1 person to knit & 1 to crochet.

3. Publish at least one pattern, somewhere. Write up, photograph, & publish my patterns here on my blog or my free sock patterns blog.

4. Write my blog more often.

5. Make a sweater non EZ style so I have something to truly compare the styles to.

6. Knit more CIC socks & try a kids sweater. (hubby challenged me, & I accepted, to knit 52 socks in the year - I changed it to 52 CIC socks).

7. Put together all those granny squares lying around!

We should team up - one of my resolutions is to learn to crochet :) Have a happy new year!

Congrats on having your pattern published, what day is it on? I have the calendar. One of my resolutions is to learn to knit and actually make something! Have a wonderful day.
P.S. I'm so glad to have found the flat-braid joining link on your blog, I plan to use it on my next 35 granny square blanket. :)

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