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triangle socks

Socks stretch from triangle shape to foot shape when they are put on. Use about 3.5 ounces 4 ply knitting worsted and size 8 standard knitting needles.

Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: K1, inc. in center st, k1.
Row 2 and all even rows: K each st.
Row 3: K 1, inc in eac of next 2 sts, k 1.
Row 5: K 1, inc in next st, k2, inc in next st,k 1.
Row 7: K 1, inc in next st, k across to last 2 st, inc in next st, k1.
Row 8: K across.

Repeat row 7 and 8 until there are 62 st, ending with row 8.

Dec row: K 1, k2 tog (a dec), k 56, sl one st, k 1, psso (a dec) k1

Next row: K each stitch.

Repeat last 2 rows until there are 14 sts on needle. Cut a strand of yarn about 12 inches long and run it through the 14 sts, forms toe, do not fasten off.

Fold work to triangle shape; sew two edges together for sole, sew halfway along other two edges - heel made; fasten off. Fold unsewn edges over toward toe and tack point over instep.

From the Workbasket, January 1974 25 cents.

How interesting!! I may have to try making these socks.

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