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Box # 1 & 2.... Yes, I have yarn in a Kotex box! So! This is acrylic yarn, bought at yard sales.

More boxes of yarn, all acrylic. Yes, there is yarn in the giant tub. I have another, larger tub of acrylic at my parents house, along with many, many, many, many more boxes of acrylic yarn, all bought at yard sales.

Munch is helping me look at some of my sock yarn/yarn I've dyed myself.

yeah, it's more acrylic, wanna make something out of it?

Over there --> in the space saver is a bag of vintage sock yarn I scored at Salvation army for 25 cents a piece - and 50% off that! It's mainly nylon or nylon/wool 50-50 blends.


Yes, I have more yarn then this, but as I started taking photos I realized how boring most of my stash is. I'll take one more photo later on of all the yarn packed back into my closet.

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