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small granny square rug

Using Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn or other heavy duty yarn of choice & using a K hook.

Gauge: 4 round granny square measures = 7".

My finished rug measures 12" by 26", but work til desired size.

Uses 3 skeins of rug yarn in 3 different colors, or use colors as desired.
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Small Granny Square Rug

Granny Squares (make 3):
Use your favorite granny square pattern, or:
chain 5, join w/ a slip stitch to form a ring. Ch 5, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 2 dc, join to 3rd chain of beginning chain 5.

2nd round: chain 5, 3 dc into space (beg of corner made), chain 1, 3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc into next corner space, ch 1, repeat around, end w/ 2 dc & join in 3rd chain of beginning chain 5.

Repeat until granny square measures 4 rounds.

Sew granny squares together 1 by 3:


In any corner space, chain 5, 3 dc in same corner space, ch 1, and then work 3 dc into each chain 1 space all the way around. In each corner, work 3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc.

Next round: Keep in pattern, work corners as established, and work 3 dc in each chain 1 space.

I worked a total of 4 more rounds, but work until desired size.

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