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random Wednesday-ish-ness

OK, it's Wednesday. I'll be uploading photos later, but I haven't had time to really sit down & type up any new patterns. I am sort of on a Barbie/Skipper/Cabbage Patch kid kick right now, but I do have a scrap afghan pattern, crocheted, that I'm excited to share.

We went away this weekend, new yarn yeah :). We went to 3, count them 3, new to me yarn stores this weekend. I could have gone to more, but since we went away for Jon's birthday, I thought I shouldn't overwhelm the poor boy.

I picked up a skein of Opal tiger for socks for me, and Jon picked up a skein of Opal Magic for him. Then later that night, at Michael's, I picked up 4 skeins of Kroy sock yarn on clearance for $3 each, along with a skein of bulky alpaca/wool/silk, whose label I already lost.

I joined Team Boston this afternoon :).

I'm currently adding new buttons & stuff to the blog. I really don't like the redesign, but oh well.

I started reading Knit Lit the third this weekend, it's OK so far.