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quick, small, little, mini update

DH dropped off a large pile of afghans to Warm Up America yesterday, I didn't count but around 10 afghans or so.

I did manage to squeeze out another pair of CIC socks this weekend, and a pair for my sock swap partner. I'm trying to wrap up projects before the Knitting Olympics starts, but it seems I can't help but keep casting on new socks anyway.

I need to start working on squares for swaps I've joined.

Quiet weekend for us; Saturday we finished up Harry Potter #2 on audio book while I knitted & Jon played with legos (www.legosforrealmen.blogspot.com) & that night we went up to Worcester to visit the inlaws for Jon's birthday. He was thrilled to get the next season of Simpsons & his Garfield calander. We both cheated on our diet a little bit & had cake & ice cream. Hey, it was for his birthday, how can you refuse cake, diet or no diet? Got home about 10ish. Sunday was even more quiet, we started Little House on the Prairie on audio & Jon went to work for a few hours & that was about it. Watched some Tivo of course! I ended up deleting about 25 hours worth of stuff at least since I'm tivo'ing the Andromedro marathon today, and I taped all of travel's new show taboo life or whatever it was called last night, and we still have a few Mythbuster's tivo'd from last marathon, let alone our usual shows & my history.

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