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post of the day

Not much knitting done today.

As part of my New Year's Resolutions (except I don't call it that, because I won't keep it) I have decided that I need to knit less. I love to knit, and will still knit, don't get me wrong, I just miss my other hobbies/interests/loves/passions. The one thing I really miss is reading. yes, I read & knit at the same time, and yes, I listen to audio books while knitting, but I miss the act of curling up w/ a good book & a cat on my lap. It's a bit hard knitting, cuddling w/ a cat, and reading at the same time -- though, I have done it!!

So, I spent most of the day reading & doing stuff online.

I'm almost done my patchwork shawl -- just finishing up the sleeves, but I think I will lengthen it a bit, too.

I think my next project will be another shawl, I think I'm going to do the garter shawl from one of the lace or knitting books I got out of the library, I think maybe the one in folk shawls. It's 4 rows of garter stitch & then 4 rows of lace, but I may do 8 rows of garter & then 4 rows of lace to make it a bit warmer. I'm going to use a fingering weight, shetland type of wool on a cone, and I will donate it for CIC since the yarn was donated to me to use for charity knitting.

But, who knows......

I'm started up another blog - I'm going to attempt to keep up with a book blog again, and/or keep track of my exercise progress. I'm not on a diet, per say, I'm just trying to get a bit healthier & stop myself from gaining any more weight, though losing 10 pounds would be great, too. I gained at least 10 pounds since I started this job.

It's http://www.zorrosmommy.blogger.com

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