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patchwork sweater

I finally, after much, much frogging, finished my patchwork/freeform knitted/crocheted sweater. The idea behind it originally came from a book called something like Easy Knitted Sweaters even Beginners Can Make, or some such title. One of the sweaters was a patchwork sweater. You were supposed to make small squares, around 2 by 3 inches, using a certain stitch, then sew them all together, fill in the small spaces, and viola, a sweater. Well, I started with a few patches, but worked most of it in one piece, picking up stitches as needed, filling in small holes with crochet, sometimes working ala fair isle to blend two colors, sometimes working with 2 or 3 colors in one row ala jacquard. I decided to make a cardigan because one can never have two many cardigan sweaters. It's knit primarly out of Wool of the Andes. The white is from a recycled wool/angora sweater, and there are some patches of blue Patons Classic Merino leftover from an EZ sweater I knitted up. There are patches of a maroon & pink unknown stash wool; the dark purple/blue was a fingering weight wool/mohair/nylon sock yarn in my stash.

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