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patchwork afghan- how to

This isimage hosting by imagevenue.com how I make my patchwork afghans. Start with odd sized squares, small sized mini afghans, small free form pieces. Don't worry about gauge, don't worry about size. Don't even worry about color, though I try to stick with some type of color scheme, though I usually fail. I like to stick samplers all together, grannies all together, etc., but go wild if you want to.

In this example I'm joining four large squares together. One square is just a large granny square; the others are all small grannies, joined together, and then bordered. Two are almost the exact same size, so they get joined together first. Then I add the next square, and the next square...

image hosting by imagevenue.comHere I am, joining squares & filling in spaces as I go.

image hosting by imagevenue.comHere I am filling in a space left by joining the odd sized squares together. Sometimes those odd granny squares come in handy; I like to make solid grannies whenever I have a bit of leftover yarn, or make multi-colored grannies. They are great for free form, patchwork, or regular granny square afghans!

image hosting by imagevenue.com

Here's not quite the end, but you can see most of the end result. Now I just need to add some more rows of border, and I'm done.

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