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odd ball shawl knitting, scarf, patchwork

Began knitting an odd ball shawl, based on the shawl pattern from odd ball knitting. I really wanted to do a shawl from Folk Shawls or from the lace shawl book, but I wanted to use up one of my cone yarns I got donated for charity knitting, and I had a few odd bits leftover from other projects I wanted to combine w/ the green cone yarn. So that's how I came to my conclusion.

I brought my scarf w/ me that R. gave me at work, I need to get back on track & knitting it! I also need to finish up my patchwork sweater - still want to lengthen it, but I decided to do a few more decreases on the sleeves than originally planned. I want it loose fitting, but not totally baggy.

Still have that hat to finish crocheting for Adrienne, too, not to mention socks.... but I am definitely taking a break from socks for the time being.

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