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multicolored crocheted wool hat with ribbing

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I love this hat, and always get lots of comments on it. I used up a variety of wools from various sources, including some vintage wool rug yarn. All yarns were worstened weight or held double to get worstened weight. Be sure to have enough of one color left for the brim/ribbing.

the multi colored crocheted wool hat with ribbing!

gauge: 7 stitches to 2" in pattern.

To inc: work 1 sc, 1 dc, 1 sc all in same stitch.
Pattern: sc in dc, dc in sc.

Ch 2, work 5 sc.
Round 1: Starting pattern, work 1 sc in first stich, 1 dc in next stitch, repeat around.
Rnd 2: Keep in pattern, inc in first stitch & 3 rd stitch.
Rnd 3 & all odd rows: Work even in pattern.
Rnd 4 & 6: Inc every 3rd stitch around, keeping to pattern.

Keep working in pattern until top of hat measures 7 inches, changing colors & using up scraps at will. Don't worry about changing colors at the beginning of a round, just change when you feel like it or when you run out of that color!

Work even until hat measures 2" less than total length of hat desired. I worked even for about 4".
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For ribbing/brim:
ch 9, sc in 2nd chain from hook & in next 7 sts; in last stitch, put hook through stitch, yarn over, put hook through next stitch in the hat itself, yarn over, and pull through all stitches (dec made). Work back across over chained stitches, and continue around hat, decreasing in last stitch of round & into the next stitch of hat, working in back loops only for a nice firm ribbing.

Last round: slip stitch hat closed, end off, weave in ends!

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