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Large granny square vest

Have 7" granny squares left over from another project? Don't know what to do with them, besides accumulate more squares for another afghan or another set of pillows? Or maybe you just have a pattern for a beautiful square, but don't want to use that square as an afghan? Then try my vest!

You need 10 7" granny squares to make a ladies size large-x-large vest. Want a slightly smaller vest? Try 6 or 6.5 inch squares. Want something slightly larger? Try adding one more round to your squares, join your squares loosely instead of with sc, or try adding a few extra rounds all the way around your vest when finished.

Hook size: whatever you feel is good for your size yarn. I used a G & an H hook for most of my squares, and I think a hook size in one of those in-between sizes for the rest of the vest.
Sew/sc your ten squares together in a five by two column. Lay them out the long way. This is the main body of your vest. With right side facing you, join yarn two stitches over from the last granny square on the end - you'll be working into every stitch on your granny square, plus those two extra stitches.Dc into each stitch across.Row 2 - dc across.Row 3 - dec one stitch at next edge.Row 4 - dc across Row 5 - dec one stitch at next edge. Row 6 - dc across. Row 7 - dec one stitch at next edge.Work in established pattern until vest is decreased as you like. Work other shoulder to match, reverse shaping of course.

Skip 8-or 10 stiches for armhole (or more if using a smaller sized hook), then dc across back, leaving same number of stitches skipped for opposite armhole.Row 2 -3 - work dc across.Row 4 - Time for some math! Add up the number of stitches on your back piece and divide that number in half. Then subtract say 10 stitches or so. Work that number of dc across. Work dec as needed to match your front piece. Work the same for other side of back piece, as desired.Sew seams.Work several rows of dc around the whole vest, around arm holes, as desired. Work a row of reverse sc (crab stitch) if desired. Sew on buttons or crochet your own ties if you like, and you are done! Viola! Now show off your masterpiece!

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