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::eBay and PayPal::
Onesome: eBay-- Is eBay your first stop when looking for something? ...or your last place to go when you cannot find it anywhere else? Do you even use it? ...and hey, have you scored anything choice there lately?

When ebay was new, I was addicted. I often bought and sold on the site, and got my parents hooked as well. Now, I look upon it as a necessary evil, almost; not due to ebay itself, but for all the sellers out there who decided it would be fun to charge $10 for shipping and handling on an item that weighted less than 4 ounces & less than $2 to mail. If people weren't so greedy, and charged actual shipping costs more often, plus a reasonable handling fee to pay for boxes, gas to the post office, packing supplies, etc., I would be more willing to buy on ebay. I certainly haven't bought anything off ebay in quite some time.

Twosome: and-- while we're at it: if you did your shopping online for Christmas, how did it go? Did things come in on time? Any significant failures? ...and if you didn't, will you consider trying online shopping sometime this year?
I bought everything for Jon online this year, mainly at amazon. My only failure was when I didn't quite read the whole description of an item, and ended up buying something that he already owned. I regularly buy yarn online, and will definitely continue.

Threesome: PayPal-- Online shopping and services can be somewhat of an adventure; is PayPal your choice as a payment option or do you prefer another method. ...or do you shop locally or not at all? I hate paypal. I would prefer to pay with some other method if at all possible. I do shop locally, but online, nowadays, is easier for my lazy butt.

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