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free for all friday

Free-For-All Friday

I'm excited to be joining Free for All Friday. I'm posting this now, but I'll repost on the day of the fun.

This is a knitting/crocheting blog. Not everyone does crafts, of course, but, please try to post something related to crafts of some sort. Failing that, I also (sometimes) write about books, cats/pets, and travel.

"Please keep it somewhat clean...if you don't think I would post it, don't.

I reserve the right to delete and or edit any posts I feel are inappropriate. That includes obvious spelling errors and sTuPid tExT lIkE thIs.

Please don't forget to sign your post and pimp your blog. If I don't know who you are I can't come to your blog and share the fun.

Today is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about household appliances, etc... all you have to do is login and post!

Here's how to do it:

Go to http://www.blogger.com
Login: guestofadultramblings

Password: guestguest

Click on Granny Square Woman: New Post (little green plus sign).

Enter a title

Click publish post, save as draft, or preview if you'd like. Html is allowed, but blogger sometimes does funky things to the coding, so be sure to preview. It's easy.

You are Done!


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